Key Benefits to Digitizing Sustainability Program Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to take a deeper dive into Benchmarks’ newly enhanced Sustainability Suite. Discover how these applications can help your team meet your sustainability efforts by reducing resource consumption, lowering costs, and improving your corporate social responsibility through flexible integrations.

Some of the benefits of Benchmark’s Sustainability Tools that you’ll learn include:

  • Establishing a footprint and consolidating data collection for sustainability reporting initiatives
  • Gathering insights into the performance of your sustainability initiatives with out-of-the-box Tableau reporting capabilities
  • How to streamline identification, prioritization, and execution of your organization’s energy & resource conservation opportunities and projects
  • Calculating actual cost savings of your conservation efforts, and sharing best practices and success stories across your organization

Learn more about how Benchmark can maximize your sustainability program and produce results you’ll be proud to share with your stakeholders. Request access now!

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