ESG Drivers: The European CSRD and the TCFD - Risks and Opportunities

Companies across Europe and the UK need to ensure they’re up to the task of reporting verifiable and auditable investment-grade data to meet the requirements of new mandates stemming from the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the global adoption of the TCFD guidelines. Unfortunately, antiquated data tracking, aggregation, and disclosure methods are insufficient at best, and a hindrance or liability at worst.

Are you and your company prepared to tackle the challenges of these new demands?

In this webinar, learn how you can best equip and prepare your company for what’s ahead with the new requirements. Follow along with the Benchmark Team as we break down the new requirements and standards; take you on a guided tour of how they will affect you, your company, and your operations; and show how you can leverage cutting-edge digital solutions like Benchmark’s ESG Director to effectively and efficiently manage the myriad data needed to satisfy the mandates and maximize on the interoperability of your ESG team across the enterprise.

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