Comprehensive ESG Masterclass Series 2 (Part 1) : Successes, Challenges & Best-Practices

Building on a successful Series 1, Benchmark Gensuite proudly presents the highly anticipated 2nd Series of its Comprehensive ESG Masterclass! Following the engaging series 1, where our ESG experts explored how business can identify and report their material ESG metrics and improve ESG performance, it became evident that a forum was necessary for ESG leaders to share the successes, challenges, and best practices associated with establishing a robust ESG program amidst a complicated and still-evolving regulatory landscape.

Part 1
In this first session of the ESG Masterclass Series 2, please join Dr. L.R. Manjunatha, Vice President, Direct Sales and Sustainability Initiatives at JSW Cement and our digital ESG experts as they explore

The Sustainability and ESG program challenges and successes at JSW Cement
Measures to reduce carbon footprint in the cement manufacturing and construction industries
Best-practices for organizations as they move towards net-zero buildings and sustainable architecture

The power of digital in supporting organizations in achieving their sustainability and net-zero goals and reporting investment-grade ESG data under various global frameworks including GRI, CDP, TCFD, BRSR, and more!

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