Benchmark Tools for the Job: Digital Incident Management Program Solutions

Tackle your incident management program and get everything you need for a streamlined, efficient, and successful workflow! Join the leader of our Benchmark Product Team, Laura Fiume, for a deep dive into the extended functionalities of our comprehensive suite of digital investigation, corrective action tracking, and risk assessment solutions on Tuesday, April 25th, at 11:00am.

We heard your overwhelming requests— especially during our All Customer Call in February 2023!— for the chance to have a closer look at our digital toolkit (including new and enhanced functionalities) that will take your incident management program to the next level. Our expert will take you on a guided tour through some of our newest features:

Incident Management (I&M):
Robust incident investigation with expanded digital root cause analysis tools like Digital Fishbone, enhanced 5Why, and the brand new 8D problem-solving template
Getting the upper hand on risk assessment with Severity x Probability Risk Calculations
Cross-Functional Incident Reporting with Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality and Security Event Types in your Incident Management program

Action Tracking System (ATS):
Linked Corrective Actions so findings are grouped together for easier tracking, trend visibility, and improved compliance

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