The 2021 Benchmark Gensuite® Survey: Investor Attitudes on Company ESG Data

Determining Why and How Companies Should Collect, Use, and Report Investment Grade ESG Data

Benchmark’s sweeping survey of investment decision-makers sought to identify the kinks in the ESG information pipeline that connects reporting entities with the investors for whom their ESG performance reports are intended.

This survey, through a series of multiple-choice, rating-scale, and open-ended questions, was conducted to ascertain investors’ perspectives regarding:

  • The importance of useful and reliable company ESG performance data
  • The quality of the ESG performance data that companies report
  • Where company ESG performance data needs improvement
  • The causes of the shortcomings in companies’ self-reported ESG performance data
  • How business leaders might produce and report the investment-grade ESG performance data that investors increasingly expect

Investors Say the Quality of Company ESG Data Needs Improving—Across All Three Pillars

Statistics on Environmental, Governance, and Social Improvement Side by Side
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Credible investment-grade ESG data is quickly becoming an absolute necessity, not only to adhere to increasingly stringent regulations, but also to simply earn the trust of your investors. But without universal, mandatory standards governing the measurement and disclosure of corporate ESG performance, the onus of determining how to measure and report company performance against those issues, largely lies with business leaders.

That’s where cloud-based enterprise software solutions can come in, to team up with businesses like yours to identify and address weaknesses in ESG performance management and reporting processes. Learn more by accessing the free report!

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