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Ergo Evaluator: Ergonomics Assessment Software

Optimize Ergonomic Risk Identification & Improvement Processes and Enhance Occupational Health & Productivity

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Ergonomics Assessment Software for ESG & EHS Leaders

To enhance workplace productivity, health & safety leaders need to prioritize their employees’ health and engage their teams in identifying workplace risks and improving site ergonomics. Organizations can lose time and incur additional costs in manually assessing, analyzing, and mitigating ergonomic discomfort in both office and remote work environments.

Ergo Evaluator is an ergonomics assessment software that enables employees, supervisors, and EHS/ergonomic specialists to quickly complete guided ergonomic self-assessments using an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Integrated QR code enables employees to quickly access tasks and assessments from any office environment. Ergo Evaluator makes it easy to customize and manage evaluation checklists and forms to collect employee information and assign follow-up tasks to drive open action items to closure.  

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Increase Employee Engagement and Create a Strong Safety Culture with Ergo Evaluator Ergonomics Assessment Software

Enable employees in office and remote work settings to complete self-assessments
Identify areas of improvement through guided evaluations & corrective actions through integration with other Benchmark applications like Action Tracking System​
​Analyze trends and body discomfort with powerful charting capabilities​
 ​ Allow site leads to assign evaluations to employees
Copy evaluations with similar ergonomic problems within and across locations​

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach EHS & ESG success.

Protect Your Employees’ Healthy and Boost Productivity with Ergo Evaluator Ergonomics Assessment Software

The key to productivity and process efficiency is ensuring the health and safety of your most valuable assets – your employees. With Ergo Evaluator, you will be able to streamline enterprise-wide processes for assessing and improving all site ergonomics. You can customize your evaluation checklist to suit your work environment, including infographics and other attachments to make it easy for your employees to conduct selfevaluations. You will be able to identify risk factors for activities using an Online Ergo Risk Factor Identification Form. With Ergo Evaluator being integrated with other Benchmark apps, you can build customized corrective actions to implement and drive recommended improvements to closure.

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