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Case Study: INNIO-Welland Works

ISO Case Study INNIO-Welland
For Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) professionals, fostering a healthy, safe and sustainable workplace is essential to mitigating operational risk and meeting ISO compliance standards. However, developing an ISO program from scratch can be an arduous and resource-intensive task. In this case study, read about how Benchmark ESG subscriber INNIO-Welland Works were able to achieve their ISO 14001 and 45001 certifications and received high marks from the lead ISO auditor with Benchmark’s Risk+Compliance® Digital Solutions.

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Solution categories

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Empower teams with EHS software that provides unrivaled visibility and control of site-based environmental health and safety programs. Ensure your operations meet the highest standards for the health and safety of your workforce.

Safety Management

Our safety management software (SMS) helps strengthen programs and procedures in measurable ways, empowering employees to stay safe with real-time data that provides transparency into incidents and responses.

Equipment Management

Streamline your equipment maintenance process with tools that make it easy to conduct preventive maintenance inspections and history, manage work orders for permits, and perform regulatory compliance assurance.


Equip your workforce with powerful digital tools that provide program insights at a glance, helping you minimize workplace risks, prevent business disruptions, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive efficiency and savings company-wide.


Take control with a quality management system (QMS) with EHS functionality so you can meet both customer expectations and compliance standards, reduce errors, and track outcomes in real time.

Environmental Compliance

Enhance your ability to track and analyze real-time data and trends to ensure you’re continuously meeting environmental requirements and regulations—while harnessing the power of automation to free your team to focus on program improvements.