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The 2022 Benchmark Gensuite® Survey: Exploring Business Leaders’ Impressions of Their ESG Programs

The Business Case for Cloud-Based ESG Reporting and Performance Data Management Solutions

Benchmark’s latest wide-ranging survey of industry professionals sought to determine where companies are in their enterprise ESG journeys, as well as their leaders’ estimations of the value-add brought by their organization’s ESG performance measurement, management, and reporting efforts. 

This survey, through a series of multiple-choice, rating-scale, and open-ended questions, was conducted to ascertain the perspectives of over 500 senior leaders of private and publicly traded companies regarding: 

  • The importance of ESG goals and action plans to their companies, as well as the motivations behind their ESG initiatives 
  • Where they see the ROI of their efforts toward ESG performance measurement, management, and disclosure 
  • Their familiarity and confidence in complying with various mandatory and voluntary ESG disclosure frameworks 
  • The pros and cons of the tools they use to conduct ESG performance data management and reporting 
  • The aspects of ESG performance measurement, management, and disclosure they want solved 
vendors have a knack for allaying anxieties over esg disclosures

Today’s business leaders know that their company’s success depends as much on how it manages its ESG risks as it does on its financial performance. Enterprise revenue, operating costs, liabilities, equity, financial risk, and other established dollars and cents indicators no longer tell the whole story.  

The declaration, pursuit, and proven achievement of bold enterprise ESG performance goals are no longer a “nice to have.” It’s imperative. That’s where cloud-based enterprise software solutions come in. Learn more by accessing the free report!