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Analyze Observational Data and
Identity Performance Indicators

 Quickly gain insights and comprehensive reporting to identify areas of improvement.
Prioritize and optimize your safety program and make informed modifications to existing safety guidelines.
Designate trained observers at multiple work sites who can be assigned individual weekly numerical observation targets.
Make observations in real-time across multiple locations by the entire workforce.

Safety Observation Software for EHS Leaders

At many work sites, employees don’t recognize unsafe or potentially harmful behaviors until it’s too late. Building awareness and safe habits takes time, repetition, and on-the-spot correction of dangerous behaviors—something busy managers and EHS leaders can struggle to provide day to day.

Benchmark’s Safety Observation software offers a simple method for documenting and addressing unsafe habits and actions when they occur. With a digitized behavior-based safety (BBS) program, you can proactively identify at-risk behavior, make real-time improvements, and encourage safe behaviors. The ability to customize risk categories, associated behaviors, and site observation forms will make it easier than ever to ensure everyone is following company safety standards.

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Create Strong Safety Standards with Safety Observation Software from Benchmark ESG®

Record barriers and feedback on both desktop and mobile devices with easy-to-use observation forms
Identify safety program improvement opportunities and take action with integrated analytics
Manage a standardized list of applicable behaviors and conditions by risk category
Leverage tie-ins for leading-edge safety concepts, e.g., Human Organizational Performance (HOP)

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